Rosa Smits 

June 29, 1990, the Netherlands.
A socially and environmentally engaged artist. Also works as a freelancer and designer. Open minded, she longs for more softness, but with a critical and sharp eye.
She loves research and art projects abroad. Dag, oude stamppot reconnected her back to her Dutch heritage, to dear memories and to the society of Amsterdam. Literally and figuratively. It does feel good to be home.

Leonardo Guidi

August 27, 1990, Italy.
Social in his antisociality, knows a little bit of everything and also nothing. Freethinker, spare time philosopher and great coffeemaker. The idea of Dag, oude stamppot just rolled out of Leo’s mind while he was making Rosa a coffee. Giving it shape and a name became a pleasurable shared project for both. When you meet Leo, he greets you with a “Buongiorno”. And when you leave, he reminds you of being the person your grandmother always wanted you to be.